Wood Pellet Boilers 3kW-199kW

The advantages

  1. Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
  2. Sliding grate
  3. Drive motor for sliding grate
  4. Secondary air flow
  5. High temperature resistant insulation plates
  6. Primary air
  7. Ash box
  8. Automatic ignition
  9. Stoker auger
  10. Circulation zone
  11. Boiler heat exchanger
  12. Turbulators
  13. Automatic boiler cleaning system
  14. Induced draught fan
  15. Cover insulation
  16. Pellets vacuum turbine
  17. Closed vacuum system, maintenance-free, no filter
  18. Level detector
  19. Cyclone hopper
  20. NEW: Double rotary valve
  21. Motor drive unit
  22. Lambda sensor

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