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Solar Photovoltaic Arrays Solar PV Systems simply convert sunlight into electricity. An array of solar panels are installed directly onto your roof and connected to your existing power supply. This electricity is fed straight into power supply of the property. It saves on your bills as the system always uses your own PV electricity before drawing it from your power supplier. Any excess is then automatically exported.

The main incentive, however, for installing PV now comes in the form of payback from the government for the power you generate. The Feed-in Tariff scheme offers you a fixed rate, tax free income on all electricity your PV array produces. On top of that you are helping to stop climate change, reducing C02 emissions and carbon footprint.

What happens in a power cut?

Solar Photovoltaic Arrays diagram

Grid connected PV systems in the UK automatically shut down when there is a power cut. This is a safety measure to prevent any electricity reaching the grid and causing damage or injury to those working to restore power.

Doesn't PV technology need bright sunshine to work properly?

The electrical output of a PV cell is dependent upon the intensity of the light to which it is exposed. So PV cells will tend to generate more electricity on bright days than when skies are overcast. However, photovoltaics do not need to be in direct sunlight to work, so even on overcast days a PV cell will be generating electricity.

Are there any planning issues?

For the majority of homeowners the addition of solar PV panels fall within 'permitted development rights', which means that the panels will be more or less flush with the roof. If your property is in a conservation area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or is a listed building you may need to apply for full planning permission. We recommend checking with your local council to see what their stance is on solar PV panels.

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