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Solar Thermal

Solar Hot Water panels simply convert sunlight into heat. Typically, if you have a south facing roof, only one panel is required to be fitted but should be sized according to the volume of water you want to heat. In most cases a Solar Hot Water panel will become your primary means for water heating. This will decrease dependency on your gas or electric boiler, thus cutting usage and bills from the utility companies.

Do not be put off if you have an unconventional or complicated existing hot water system. Solar hot water can be fitted and applied to virtually any circumstances. Argyll Solar has the equipment and expertise on hand to cater for almost every situation.

A basic solar water heating system is not as complicated as it may seem. Many homeowners choose to fit solar hot water themselves. Whether you want to fit solar yourself or have a professional do it for you, please give us a call for further advice.

Sizing a System

Solar Thermal diagram

Argyll Solar deal primarily with evacuated tubes, of which we have two sizes. We do also deal with flat plate panels. You can read more info on both these types of panels in the FAQ section or you can look at each in the solar hot water section of the shop. We calculate our panel sizes by type of tube and number of tubes in a panel. The sizes are 47mm diameter x 1.5m long, and 58mm diameter x 1.8m long. The larger tubes (58mm) are 50% more efficient as the smaller ones (47mm).

The following guide is applicable in most situations, however if you have any doubts please contact us so we can advise on exactly what you will need.

On a South facing roof with a short pipe run, the following panel sizes apply to the hot water cylinder volumes.

up to 80L - 10tube 47mm Panel,

90L - 150L - 20tube 47mm Panel

160L - 240L - 30tube 47mm or 20tube 58mm Panel

250L - 320L - 2x 20tube 47mm or 30tube 58mm Panel

Other necessary equipment includes:
A Solar Controller, Twin Coil Cylinder or Heat Exchanger, High Temperature Insulation, Pump or Pumpstation, Expansion Vessel, Anti-syphon Valve.

Key Benefits

Lowers your energy bills and gas/electric boiler usage

Generates heat throughout the daylight hours

Maintenance free

Easy to install

Lowers carbon footprint, emissions and dependency on fossil fuels

Adds value to property

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